Projects, projects, projects…

24 January 2007

I’m not a huge fan of doing multiple projects in parallel, but I guess that’s the way of the world. Right now, I’m banging out a few tools, including a project management interface (PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS) and a bibliography aggregator (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS), a couple of humanities projects, one involving video of historical reenactments (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XML, XHTML, CSS [cataloging, storage, retrieval, archiving, and presentation]), and another involving the digitization and rich markup of hundreds of antiquated documents (XML, XSLT, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript).

The one I’m enjoying the most at this point is the bibliography aggregator. It may never see the light of day, but as a proof of concept, it is darned effective. It leverages uses the free and very cool API at ISBNdb, and draws some of its required bits of data (e.g. a ‘book’ item needs a title, author(s), date, publisher info, etc.) from the desktop app Endnote. You can either fill out the form manually with this information, or type in the ISBN of the book, and the fields (through the magic of XML, PHP’s simpleXML function, and a few convoluted regular expressions) are populated with the appropriate values. It’s all rather sexy! (Email if you want to see it in action — I don’t want to publish a development-server URL.)


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