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Caption THIS.

23 March 2007

I am grumpy, so now I shall grump. When Apple put movies in the iTunes store, I was glad. When I found out that they didn’t have closed captions, I was minused, and didn’t download any more movies from iTunes.

I’ve still got NetFlix, and I’ve still got TiVo, so I’ve still been able to watch movies. No sweat.  Can’t take advantage of iTunes movies, but OK.

Then, Amazon Unbox comes out. And  I can download Unbox movies to my TiVo! Cool! And there’s even  MONEY CREDITS, so I can try the first one or two for free. So I downloaded (as a rental) “Little Miss Sunshine”. Guess what. No captions. ARGH.

Closed captioning is a standard that has been around since well before the dawn of PC video. QuickTime even supports captioning…I’ve captioned stuff myself. So what’s the deal here? The world moves one step forward, and people who need or want captions are now a step behind where they were before.

I went to college with the guy who runs Unbox. Maybe I’ll drop him a line. Although I’m sure it’s either “someone else’s fault” or an “insurmountable technical challenge”. Feh.


Does she serve any purpose?

18 March 2007

See the bottom comment — sometimes I wonder…


The W3C does something…weird…

9 March 2007