4 May 2007

I am not going to even think about attempting to discuss what is art and what isn’t. But I do know what illustration is, and I know what GOOD illustration is. And I’ve recently found a bunch of really good illustration on the web.

Len over at Jawbone Radio just wrapped up the second installment of Monster By Mail — for $20, you get a custom, hand-drawn one-of-a-kind illustration based on a monster movie title of your choosing. Ten bucks additional gets you a video of the illustration being created. (Sadly, Len’s already closed ordering for the monster movie series, but expect another series soon.)

Then there’s Adam Koford’s monkey project — for ten bucks, you can make up a monkey name, and you’ll get a postcard with that monkey on it.

And also, Ben’s custom robot portraits are a bargain at only $10 (plus $1.15 or so postage), and they’re really good!

I love this idea. Original illustrations based on your own art or ideas. One-of-a-kinds.

I wish there were something I was good enough at that I could do that. It’s way cooler than having someone write on a banana, or a piece of toast.

Know of any other entrepreneurial artists who are doing excellent inexpensive custom work in high volume with a fast turnaround?


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