23 July 2007

No, I don’t have an iPhone. Yes, iPhones are great and cool. I have a T-Mobile Dash which, believe it or not, is also great and cool, just in some different ways. πŸ™‚

Lots of people I know are surprised that I don’t have an iPhone yet. After having played with one a bit, I didn’t need to run out and buy one. Here are the primary reasons.

  • I don’t need a new phone.
  • Visual voicemail is very cool and useful, but it doesn’t trump SlingPlayer for Windows Mobile.
  • I type on my Dash’s keyboard without looking. Can’t do that on an iPhone.
  • I type on my Dash’s keyboard with these. I tried typing on the iPhone with them. I can’t. Tapping with the tip of a fingernail doesn’t work — you need skin-to-screen contact. I thumb-type, primarily with the inside corners of my thumbnails. That doesn’t work on the iPhone. And while I have quite small fingers, the pads of my fingers are, apparently, larger than the input expected.
  • I already use an EDGE network. 3G would have been tempting.
  • I was confused by the web interface. Yes, perhaps it’s just that I’m an idiot, but I couldn’t figure out how to get to the screen where you type in a URL…there were several missteps in my first attempt. Does that mean that the iPhone’s interface is necessarily BAD or not worth using? No. Is it a reason to not get an iPhone? No, so I don’t know why I actually added it to the list. But I personally didn’t find it as intuitive as I’d expected for an Apple product.
  • Really surprised that there’s no IM. Of course, you can use the IM-to-SMS gateway codes and such (I’m pretty sure AT&T has them), or use email, but meh. I’ve got my buddies, Buddy.

I have to admit, though, it’s great fun to take a picture of someone, blow it up, and then PINCH HIS HEAD with your fingers. And the convergence of the two devices (iPod and phone) will probably make it worth it to me, eventually, to get one. Especially as I get older and my fingernails become more brittle. πŸ˜‰ By that time, maybe iPhones will work on a network other than AT&T Wireless.


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