23 August 2007

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a proper vacation — a few years, in fact. And while our upcoming trip to Banff isn’t going to be a proper vacation (two days of traveling, two days of vacationing), it’s really going to be nice to get away for a little while. Leaving tomorrow morning, coming home Monday night. I haven’t even thought of packing yet. However, the video camera is all juiced up and ready to go. With any luck, there’ll be a great deal of relaxing, seeing as T-Mobile plans to charge me forty-nine cents a minute for a phone call, and fifteen cents a text message, and some ridiculous per-kb usage charge for data. Off to find me a paperback.


One comment

  1. Kerri, you dog! You commented! I love you! (But then I always have.) No email address to catch up privately, so I’ll just toss out a hey there, howahya, and bon voyage til you return. Have fun in Banff. Were you ever old enough to watch F-Troop? There’s a funny scene in one episode where some guy keeps trying to pronounce both fs. Ah, nostalgia, good.

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