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Who are your users?

19 October 2007

No half-decent web developer would tell you that accessibility is not important. But few developers have been fortunate enough to work hands-on with users who have disabilities, and/or the software that they use. I’ve been very fortunate to have experience with lots of assistive technology — in fact, just yesterday, I had a routine eye checkup, and I was explaining to my eye doctor what a refreshable Braille display was, and how it worked. He was floored!

Well, here’s an opportunity to see a few different users of assistive technology, and see the processes the use to bend computers to their wills. I found the videos uplifting and enlightening — honestly, I had no idea just how good AssistiveWare’s Mac software really was — even controlling Windows through Parallels! It’s good stuff.


You’ll get paid when the VC comes in…

9 October 2007

‘Uh… Four million [new] active users means minimum 20,000 concurrent users at any given moment, and you want to do all of this on ONE co-located virtual server in India? On .Net and MS SQL Server? Honestly? You really, really think that’s how it will go? In that case, can I punch you? Please? I mean, I only ask because you seem like the type of person who’d ponder the question and then just blurt out “Yes,” and I’ve been dying to hit something since I pressed “1” to join your conference.’

OK, this blog post from Joe the Peacock had me giggling in my coffee.