Kerri Hicks has been working as a web developer since 1994, in both industry and higher education. She also spent nearly a decade in journalism, as both a writer and an editor. This does not necessarily mean that she spells well, but she is quite willing to use a dictionary. When someone asks what you can do with a major in English and a concentration in Computer Science, well…I guess this is about it. She’s based in Rhode Island, and can be found at @kerri9494.

Of course, her opinions are her own, and are quite unlikely to (and never intentionally do) reflect the opinions of anyone who employs or otherwise is connected to her. She also finds it quite strange to write about herself in the third person.



  1. One of the most straightforward and honest reading “about” profiles ever! Blog more – I’d like to read your stuff.

  2. Kerri — so delighted to hear from you via the blog of the forthcoming tour to Argentina; and to be reminded of the first — indelible! — experience of touring california (the van from you know where, the oil on the Santa Barbara beach, etc etc — all memories still fresh, believe it or not.)
    In any case, thanks so much for posting; the chorale has several CDs out now, and if you’d like one, please let me know where to send it.

    excuse the haste — we leave tomorrow AM early —


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